Strong Dua For Disobedient Child

Strong Dua For Disobedient Child

Strong Dua For Disobedient Child

Strong Dua For Disobedient Child, ” Stubborn is both good and bad. Every parents do their best to fulfill their children’s aspirations. There is absolutely no stubborn person in every house. If the child becomes stubborn then parents try very hard to explain them. If your child seems to be like crazy to get something, strong dua for disobedient child, his heart stays till he gets that thing. Disobedient children and parents are a very harmful thing for the father. The condition is good for some time. If the extent is crossed, then he starts hurting the house. There is such a kind of prayer in the quran e pak that your child will stop chasing after reading.

Parents want to give their children every happiness in the world. But when children want to get something more than the limit, then it is wrong. Your son or daughter speaks to pick something. But that thing fails to get you from it. So the anger of the children increases. He wants to pray to allah to eliminate this disobedient. I pray to bring my children to the right message. Today we will tell you the strongest supplication for you and your disobedient children.

Dua For Disobedient Child:

Allah always tries to make man human with dualism and love. Disobedient childhood creates a very difficult problem for his parents. Disobedient childhood to fall behind dua for disobedient┬átroubling the parents to get expensive and precious things. Today I will tell the duo’s end to the end of disobedient children. After reading this prayer, your stubborn child will become a sensible person. With this, disobedient will leave forever. If your child is disobedient then you must see this prayer as try. Insha allah will end the life of your childhood forever.

Dua For Disobedient Child

  1. You can start this process any day.
  2. Wazifa read “550 times “Ya Mubarak Ya Makutu” on a glass filled with water.
  3. Give the disobedient water your disobedient childhood before sleeping at night.
  4. You have to do this work till your child does not stop living.
  5. Insha Allah will leave your child alive within 11 days. And will become a good person.

This can be done only by parents. Children should not do this prayer. This dua is for the children who are disobedient. He does not believe in his parents. You are very upset because of the disobedient of th children. Insha allah will help you in this prayer. Our prayers will be that it is good that every mother’s father is good. Every child reacts to his parents. Sitting with them and giving love to the world around them.

Dua To Make Your Child Obedient:

Everybody wants to be a good person to their parents. Your child has become disobedient and angry because of being in the company of some wrong children, dua to make your child obedient, Talks about the matter at home in the house. Kills things kept at home and thrown them around. The anger of others turns out to be at home. My parents have been very upset too. Everybody read the diasures, which would make the child obedient. If you want your child to be a sensible person teaming up with everyone. Treat all people well. Talk to everyone in the house with love. Obey all the things of the parents So for this you have to read strong dua.

Dua To Make Your Child Obedient

This is the kind of dua that is. First of all you have to make your own wuju. After that, Durad Sharif has to take the post. After that there is no sweet thing to read “Surah al Quraish” 3 times. After that feed your son or daughter. Insha allah your child will become your slave. He will tell you everything you say to him.

Dua For Child Behaviour:

A mother asks God to pray only for the good of her children. In each prayer, your child is praying to be a good person. After that some left the hand. Some children are fond of living alone, dua for child behaviour, Sitting in the same room all day. Mobile keeps the focus all day long. When the parents ask a talk or do some work, they ignore their talk. With such behavior of children, their parents seem very disturbed. Every time I think about my children. Today, we will pray for you, will change the behavior of your children.

Dua For Child Behaviour

Material required for the method:-

  • Some hair of your.
  • Piece of black cloth.
  • One white candle.
  • One handful of plain salt.
  • One spoon of sugar.

After the bath sit at some lonely place where no one can disturb you. Now light the candle before you. Put the hair of your child on the black cloth. now put sugar along with the hair. Wrap this hair and the sugar in that cloth and place it near the candle. Now put plain salt on the wrapped black cloth. Than read the given dua for 121 times “Fasalli Lirrabbika Wa Anhar” ( Name of your child ) now blow on the plain salt. Mix one pinch of salt in the food of your child for the 1 week. Do not open the black cloth and burry it at vandalized place. Insha allah within 1 ween in you can notice changes in the attitude of your child.

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